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Optimize Your eBay Listings with Ludex

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Optimize Your eBay Listings with Ludex

Let Ludex give you the best opportunity to sell your cards on eBay

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Not only do we want to help you list your cards on eBay quicker, but we want to give those cards the best opportunity to sell! In this video we will go through a couple of tricks and tips to really make sure your listing makes sense and that it pops. We will be going through a few things such as Titles, Condition of the Card, Shipping Preferences, Auction or Buy It Now, and Images. 


  1. Imagine your title as a Google Search, try to use keywords
  2. Ludex does a good job of including some very searchable terms, such as team, set, and parallel 
  3. eBay allows 80 words in their titles, it is best to have your title around 70 words, it has been said that is the sweet spot to have your listing more “searchable”  


Make sure you choose the correct condition when it comes to your card because that will have a huge effect on whether or not your card will sell. You never want to sell yourself short, for example, put “excellent” for a “near mint” card. Below we will give you an example of what the definition of the different categories are. 

  1. NM or Better: This is a “pack fresh” card that is nearly perfect or has very slight imperfections that can be hard to see with the naked eye.  Think of a card that is fresh out of a pack you just opened. 
  2. Excellent: These cards have clear and visible signs of wear and tear, nothing major, but there is a little damage that could ultimately affect the grade of the card 
  3. Very Good: Moderate to heavy damage that is clearly all over the card, even though the title says “very good” This category means the condition is not that great and has obvious damage with the naked eye. 
  4. Poor: Extremely worn with serious heavy damage all over the card. This includes tears, creases, stains, and more. Think of a vintage card that your dad used to put in the spokes of his bicycle, that is a card in poor condition. 

If you need more information about card conditions, click HERE for eBay’s guide.


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Shipping, believe it or not, can be tricky. You always want to make sure that your shipping fits your listing. Meaning make sure your shipping preferences are in line with the perceived value of your card! 

  1. With a card $20 or less, the best practice is to select the “eBay Standard Envelope” service. From there you can choose if you want to provide free shipping or a small fee of around $1. Generally, people will offer free shipping or a small fee because it is more fair to the buyer, which gives your card a better chance to sell.  
  2. For cards more than $20, the best practice is to have the buyer pay $5 for flat shipping. This is a very common practice because when you ship a card worth $20 or more, you will usually ship it first class with a bubble mailer. Just think, the more expensive the card, the more you can charge for shipping because the materials to ship the card safely might cost you a little extra. 
  3. Finally, if you’re selling a $1 card, make sure you do not have the “buyer pays $5” shipping preference selected. If you don’t want shipping to cost more than the actual card itself, the card will have a tough time selling. 

Auction or Buy it Now 


When selling cards on eBay, the two options are Auction or Buy it Now. Both are viable options, let’s help you optimize each type of listing. 

  1. The best practice for auctions is to start the auction at $0.99, starting auctions off at the price you want to sell the card usually ends up not selling. The bids will start rolling in faster if the auction price starts lower. 
  2. When it comes to auction duration it has been said that a 7-day auction, ending on Sunday night will give you the best chance to sell your card. So make sure you schedule your auction correctly so you can have more eyes on your listing. 
  3. When it comes to Buy It Now, make sure you set your price as a price you would be happy selling your card at. You never know how fast a “BIN” card will sell, so make sure you list it for an appropriate price. 
  4. For BIN listings, allowing offers can help you sell your card as well. Make sure you set a reasonable minimum offer, this means that you will not get notified of any offers unless they fit YOUR criteria.
  5. For BIN listings, allowing offers can help you sell your card as well. Make sure you set a reasonable minimum offer, this means that you will not get notified with any offers unless they fit YOUR criteria.


One quick tip when it comes to your listing images. In the main photo of your listing, it has been said to simply use a white background. This will give your listing a better chance to jump up in those search results and help you get an upper hand on the competition. 

Our goal at Ludex is to simplify things for collectors and make collecting more convenient than ever. That is why we developed the List it with Ludex feature, but we want to help you SELL your cards as well. So hopefully you were able to learn a thing or two about eBay listing best practices so now you can sell your cards faster than ever using Ludex! 

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Check out our YouTube video for more information.

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