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Ludex is a sports and trading card scanning app that accurately identifies and tracks the value of your card collection.

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Baseball trading card found by Ludex scanner featuring the value of baseball cards

Sports & Trading Card Games supported by Ludex

Sports Cards: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey

TCG Cards: Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon

Coming Soon: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Soccer, Racing, MMA, and many more!

The Next Generation of Card Collecting

As the hobby has grown over the last couple years, so have the number of parallels and variations. Parallels typically have the same design and photo of a base card but offer different colors, designs or serial numbers. Popular parallels include foils, holograms (or holos), prizms and refractors. More often than not, parallels are more valuable than base cards and inserts. A variation features an aspect that is different from a base card. Typically, it’s another image, a nickname or an error. Variations are often accompanied by a serial number. A variation is a new version of the base and can be more difficult to identify than a parallel. “Is this card a base, parallel, or a variation?” has become a question every hobbyist asks themselves when identifying their new card. Our AI technology will identify each characteristic of every trading card in your collection. It’s as simple as taking a picture of your card. Let Ludex take care of the rest. Dark Dugtrio Holo Pokémon Card by Ludex Trading Card Scanner

Leave your boxes and binders behind. Collect confidently with Ludex. Customize and organize your collection. Share your refractors, parallels and vintage all from the palm of your hand. Magic The Gathering Trading Cards

Your sports card collection’s value can change by the day. Stay ahead of the curve with Ludex. Our new Price Report updates sports card values every 24 hours allowing you to track every sale for every sports card in your collection. Say hello to your next-generation price guide. Trading Card Value Trends

Show off the cards that define your personal collection (PC). You control the cards you want to Showcase as well as the ones you’ll keep in your Portfolio. Think of Ludex as your virtual binder. With Ludex it’s easier than ever before to organize your collection. Conveniently store everything from your graded, PSA GEM MINT 10 Mike Trout rookie card to your most powerful Magic the Gathering cards. Show the world what your collection is all about. A collection of cards Rookie Pitcher cards featuring Shohei Ohtani Refractor

It’s an exciting time for The Hobby. Follow Ludex on our social media so you never miss the latest from Ludex. There is something for everyone in The Hobby, and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you to learn everything you need to build your dream collection. Ludex Office
Dark Dugtrio Holo Pokémon Card by Ludex Trading Card Scanner
Magic The Gathering Trading Cards
Trading Card Value Trends
A collection of cards Rookie Pitcher cards featuring Shohei Ohtani Refractor
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Ludex is the fastest and most accurate sports and trading card scanning app in the Hobby. Download Ludex today!

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