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Top 5 Chase Cards in 2023 Donruss Football 

Top 10 Players Pokémon (13)

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It is that time of year again, late in the football season when we start to see more and more football products get released. This year seems to be a little bit more special than usual, *cough cough* thanks to CJ Stroud. All kidding aside, we could have a Hobby Giant on our hands with Stroud, but there are a ton of other rookie cards that collectors are trying to get their hands on. Donruss Football is considered by many to be the flagship product of football each year. It is a classic brand that always produces a memorable product. With that being said, there are some memorable cards in this set that we believe you should look for while you’re ripping or even surfing through eBay. So let’s get straight into the Top 5 2023 Donruss Football cards you should be chasing. 

5. Optic Preview Rated Rookies 

unnamed 26

We are going to start this list off with a familiar favorite, the Optic Preview Rated Rookies. The nice thing about Donruss is that it gives you a preview into Donruss Optic, the set that every collector truly has marked on their calendar. When it comes to these cards, they are going to be the least rare on the list, but they are pretty, and they do include 10 different parallels. Keep an eye out for Gold Ice /10 this year, that is the rarest of the parallels in this set.

4. Dominators Autographs

unnamed 27

The Dominators Autograph sets include autographs from some of the league’s best players such as Aaron Rodgers, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen and many more. This set is truly stacked with the NFL’s best talent, I definitely would not complain if I pulled one of these cards. With a nice foil finish and an autograph, any card from this set would be a nice addition to your collection.

3. Leather Kings Autos /10 

unnamed 25

Pulling a rookie’s autograph is a thrill, no matter if it is numbered or not. With that being said, we think if you are going to pull any rookie autograph card, the Leather Kings would be the one to pull! This set features all of the top rookies (besides CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, and a couple of others due to exclusive deals with Fanatics). Nevertheless, you can still pull Anthony Richardson, Bijan Robinson, Zay Flowers, and seven others. Every card in this autograph set includes a relic and is /10, which makes these cards incredibly rare. Be on the lookout! We are rooting for you to pull one!

2. Downtown

unnamed 24

This answer may seem obvious, but every year the biggest chase card in the Donruss products is always the Downtown inserts. Downtown is a case hit. What is a case hit you ask? Well, there are 12 boxes in a case, which means (on average) there is one of these cards in an entire case.. Each year the Downtowns are designed to represent the city or team that a player plays for. Any Downtown is a great hit, but if you could pull a rookie such as CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Bijan Robinson, or Anthony Richardson you will have a reason to celebrate!

1. Unleashed

unnamed 23

Last but not least is a brand new case hit for football, Unleashed. Now, it has been featured in other Donruss products before, but not as a case hit, just as a normal insert set. This is the first time it has been featured in Donruss Football and it is RARE. As of 12/5, there are only 2 sales on eBay and they are both for over $200. Keep an eye out for the Unleashed cards because if you pull one it will make your day, probably even your year!

Donruss Football is usually one of your first opportunities to collect the newest rookies in the game! With the addition of new case hits and a ton of autograph sets, there are a lot of cards you should be chasing. But remember, collect what you like and who you like! Make sure to organize your collection with the Ludex App. Hope you pull some hits! 

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