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Topps Redemption Expiration Change

unnamed 20

Arguably the most important piece of news this week, Topps announced on Monday, May 29th, 2024, that the expiration dates for redemptions would be changing going forward. From now on, all redemption cards will have a 10-year expiration window instead of the standard 2 years. The best part of this news is that they are also applying this new expiration window to all products that have come out since Fanatics acquired Topps. This means any Topps products that are released in the year 2021/2022, and going forward will now have 10-year-long expiration windows, regardless of what the expiration date may say on the redemption card (see example below). It’s rare when the hobby can come to an agreement on a topic, but I think the entire hobby can agree that this is a positive change. 

Wembanyama Kaboom!

Screenshot 2024 05 08 At 11.32.40 Am

2023 Panini Crown Royale Basketball was released this week, and breakers are already pulling the hottest new hits. Breakers and collectors are foaming at the mouth for this release because it features Wembanyama’s first Kaboom! cards. A gold /10 version of Wemby’s Kaboom! is an insane pull on release week, and I wonder what it will fetch if the person who pulled it decides to sell it.

2024 Bowman Baseball

unnamed 22

Shifting back to Topps again, Topps gave us a teaser of one of the new inserts in 2024 Bowman. It’s a callback to 1955, but also a counter to Panini’s Manga insert, called 1955 Bowman Anime. It is a case hit, and to me it looks like a really cool chase card. 

2024 Bowman Chrome Baseball First Look

Unnamed (21)

Continuing on the Bowman train, @cardsmax on X (formerly Twitter), was given the first look at what the 2024 Bowman Chrome Baseball rookie autograph cards will look like. To me, the design looks pretty basic, but my taste is just an opinion. The image above is what Jasson Dominguez’s 2024 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autograph cards will look like.

Huge Alpha Black Lotus Sale

unnamed 19

In TCG news, Magic: The Gathering had a monstrous private sale this week. The infamous Alpha Black Lotus, graded a CGC Pristine 10, sold privately this week for a whopping $3 million dollars, making it the largest Magic: The Gathering sale in history, even surpassing the 1 of 1 One ring that was sold to Post Malone last summer.

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