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Top 5 Most Valuable Cards in Pokemon Neo Genesis 

Top 10 Players Pokemon 28

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Neo Genesis was the first ever set of the second generation of Pokemon. What does that mean you ask? It means that this was the first time ever the world got to see brand new Pokemon characters. Originally, there were only 151 Pokemon in existence, then Neo Genesis was released and the Pokemon world expanded! Since this was the first time Pokemon released brand new characters, these cards were very sought after and that makes them extremely collectible, even to this day. On a personal note, I was 8 years old and a massive Pokemon fan when Neo Genesis was released, it blew my mind. I still even have the opened wrapper from the first pack I ripped, that is how significant this set was for Pokemon collectors all over the world. Neo Genesis was released in December 2000 and as of January 2024, you can get an unopened pack of Neo Genesis 1st Edition cards for anywhere between $400 – $1k. That’s a lot of money, but once you see our Top 5 List that price will not surprise you. With that being said, let’s jump right into the list! 

*These prices are based on Neo Genesis 1st Edition cards in Near Mint condition or PSA 10

#5) Feraligatr (5) 1st Edition – Raw: $112, PSA 10: ($5k Estimate), PSA 10 Pop: 20 

unnamed 52

We are going to start off the list with a little controversy. In Neo Genesis, a lot of the characters have 2 different cards with different artwork. Feraligatr (#5) is the second card Feraligatr in Neo Genesis and usually, a character’s first card in Neo Genesis is more desirable. When it comes to Feraligatr we think it’s the opposite. Feraligatr (5) has a PSA 10 population of 20, meaning there’s only 20 cards in perfect condition, which is 69 LESS than Feraligatr (4). A PSA 10 version of this card has not been sold (officially documented sale) since 2018, way back then it was only $550. In 2024, it is believed that a PSA 10 could be worth up to $6k! Combine that with the pop report and the cool artwork, #4 definitely deserves to be #5 on our list! 

#4) Pichu 1st Edition – Raw: $138, PSA 10: Last Sold $12.5k (2021), PSA 10 Pop: 31

unnamed 53

No controversy with this one, even if there was, how could anyone go up against a baby Pokemon like Pichu? Pichu is an unevolved version of Pikachu, which right out the gate makes it valuable. Pikachu is one of the most recognizable characters in the WORLD, even outside of Pokemon. So anything that relates to Pikachu is always going to be popular. This card in perfect condition sold for $12,500 back in 2021, making it extremely sought after. That was the last time we have seen one of these cards sold. 

#3) Meganium (10) 1st Edition – Raw: $155, PSA 10: Last Sold $12k (2021), PSA 10 Pop: 20

unnamed 54

Meganium was on the front of the Booster Box and on the front of packs as well, in a way, Meganium was the poster child when it comes to Neo Genesis. Personally, this is probably the first card I picture when I think of the set. The PSA 10 Population of this Meganium (10) is 20, which is extremely low considering the fact that there are 1,300 PSA-graded versions of this card. Now unlike Feraligatr, the first Meganium card is more valuable/collectible than the second card of the set. The last sale of this card was once again in 2021 and it was for $12k, making it worth a pretty penny. 

#2) Typhlosion (17) 1st Edition – Raw: $353, PSA 10: Believed to be $40k, PSA 10 Pop: 12

unnamed 51

 This card right here might be the most underrated Pokemon card in history, Typhlosion (17). Right when you see this card you just notice how powerful and exuberant the holo is on the artwork. The eye appeal on this card alone should make you want to add it to your collection. This card does not have a cheap price tag, even a raw version of this card will cost you more than $300. Not only that, good luck getting a perfect grade on it, let’s just say .006% of the PSA graded versions of this card are a GEM MINT 10. Since there are only 12 PSA 10s, there has not been a documented sale in a LONG time, leading us to believe that this card could be worth around $40k in 2024. A brand new car or a PSA 10 Typhlosion (17)? I’ll take the CARD, please. 

#1) Lugia 1st Edition – Raw: $550, PSA 10: $47,970 (2021), PSA 10 Pop: 45

unnamed 50

Alright folks, feast your eyes on truly one of the greatest Pokemon cards to ever be created, Lugia! This is the first-ever Lugia card. Lugia skyrocketed into fame due its starring role in Pokemon the Movie 2000: The Power of One, which I saw in theaters and it was awesome. Not only that, Lugia was on the cover of the Pokemon Silver Gameboy Game which was incredibly popular. Lugia was the face of Pokemon in the early 2000s and the card prices show it. It would be difficult to find a raw version of this card, in good condition, for under $500. The last time a PSA 10 sold was in 2021 and it was for almost $48k! Even before 2021, this card sold anywhere from $76k to $130k. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it, Lugia is the best card of Neo Genesis. 

If you grew up in the early 2000s and you collected Pokemon cards, Neo Genesis will always have a special place in your heart. It was the first time we saw brand new Pokemon characters and the cards were absolutely stunning. Do not forget to scan your Neo Genesis cards with the Ludex app and organize them any way you’d like! 

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